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13. June 2014

1. I shamelessly admit I love Olive Garden.

"Where do you want to get Italian Food Joan?" The Olive Garden por favor!

2. I eat left over Pastas at home for breakfast or lunch all the time with chopsticks. Its easier to use and clean.

3. Is it weird, I want more flavor in my leftovers, so I add hummus! It’s so good!

4. Why does Vietnamese soy milk taste so good after every great meal?

I don’t have the answers to my actions. It just is…

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For those who have finished watching Dracula… I think this pic may apply for you today:)

that-g-i-r-l said: Shout out to all the people leaving horrible anonymous messages that most of the time don't even get published... What the heck has to be going on in your life for you to lash out and take all of your frustrations out on someone you barely even know or have never met at all??? Because I feel sorry for anyone who has to stoop that low to feel worth something in the eyes of others. Leave her alone and go fix your own problems instead of bullying and creating drama to fill the void in your lives.

preach it sista!!!!!

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I love him very much