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7. April 2014

Hate it admit it but it needs to happen. 

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Anonymous asked: No one in syracuse will ever take you seriously. You're still a city college who is probably broke. Has Chris broke up with you yet? Moving across the country isn't goin to help your relationship. No ESF man will take you seriously. No one gives a shit about history and try not to whore around like other SU girls.

First of all, what happens between Chris and I is strictly between us. Second, who are you to judge me for having a city college background? A large percentage of people at SU, ESF, or any other school started off at a city college. City college is affordable for those who can’t afford the universities. It saves a ton of money and is a great choice. CCs also displays the academic democracy for everyone. It is a place for second chances and starting over; city college is filled with many students that are hopeful. How can you judge someone when you do not even know their background? In order to understand a story, you must start at the beginning, not judge it by its ending. CCs welcome all with open arms and equips/prep their students to move on to something even better. The professors and staff are all caring and show compassion to their students. Strength and character is built. And you know what? I am proud I started at LBCC, fiercely proud! If it wasn’t for students, coworkers, and professors here, I would have not made it and been accepted to SU. SU picked me for a reason and that is that. Don’t judge someone based off of the little knowledge you know. TRY CRAMMING 10,000 of history in your brain!

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In celebration of Syracuse University’s 144th birthday, students gathered in the Quad in the shape of “144!” (View more photos.)

Keira Knightley photographed by Emily Hope for Chanel (2014)

(vía Wedding - Kara Rosenlund)